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The Rifugio

The Rifugio Federico in Dosdè is a staffed mountain hut situated in Val Dosdè at 2,133 metres above sea level. It has been open to the public since the summer of 2007.

In 1995 the Bormio branch of the CAI (Club Alpino Italiano) restructured and converted the ancient cabin into a refuge for alpinists, ski mountaineerers and hikers. Since that renovation in 1995, many small steps have been taken – largely by volunteers - to turn the Rifugio into what it is today. It is now run by renowned alpinist and mountain guide Adriano Greco from Sondalo. The rifugio, which is dedicated to Federico Valgoi, a young climber from Bormio who lost his life while climbing in 2002, stated its objective at its inauguration, namely to give a new lease of life to alpinism in Val Viola and Val Dosdè. The rifugio has space for up to 25 guests to sleep. It is equipped with bathrooms, shower facilities, and electricity.


A list of hikes, climbs, mountaineering routes and traverses that depart directly from Rifugio Federico in Dosdè:

Escursione in alta montagna

Mountaineering routes

  • Cima Viola - 3.374 m
  • Cima di Lago Spalmo - 3.294 m
  • Cima Saoseo - 3.265 m
  • Sasso di Conca - 3.145 m
  • Pizzo Dosdè - 3.280 m
  • Corno Dosdè - 3.114 m
  • Pizzo della Valle - 2.986 m
  • Pizzo Zembrasca - 3.050 m


  • Lago Viola - 2.250 m
  • Lago di Forbesana - 2.650 m
  • Lago di Selva - 2.522 m
  • Capanna Dosdè - 2.950 m
  • Bivacco Caldarini - 2.450 m
  • Passo di Val Viola - 2.450 m

Hikes over passes

  • Rif. Federico – Capanna Dosdè – Val D’Avedo – Eita
  • Rif. Federico – Malga Funera – Val Minestra – Passo Vallaccia – Trepalle
  • Rif. Federico – Malga Funera – Val Minestra – Passo delle Mine – Livigno
  • Rif. Federico – Passo di Val Viola – Val Viola Poschiavina – Sfazù (CH)


  • Ask at the rifugio for specific information on sport climbing with bolts, graded 4a to 6c.


The very same landscape that’s adored by ski mountaineers for its routes in the winter transforms into something else come the summer months, offering routes for all abilities.

Val Dosdè is among the top destinations within Valdidentro and Alta Valtellina thanks to its prime location, which lends itself to unforgettable scenery – whatever the season. It’s as beautiful as if you’re hiking through scenes on a postcard, with views and awe-inspiring colours in every direction to take your breath away. A huge number of routes depart directly from the rifugio on trails that lead you into smaller valleys that are accessible for everyone. Once you reach the highest point in Dosdè, an awe-inspiring landscape opens up with views over the Val Viola lake and Val di Campo on the Swiss border. The most rewarding routes are always not the easiest ones, however, and the purest fun is encountered on the technical trails and traverses. Directly from the rifugio, you can decide whether to embark on a classic mountaineering routes or a more leisurely hike. Mountain bikers can aim for the Cancano lakes by following the old Decauville track that leads you straight into the Stelvio National Park.


Throughout winter the Rifugio Federico in Dosdè is surrounded by an expanse of white that is illuminated for just a few hours each day by the sun.

During this very special season it is possible to climb the mountainsides of the valley, providing that one adheres to the day’s presiding weather and snow conditions. The most popular routes taken by the many groups of ski mountaineers who descend upon the rifugio each winter include the two 3,000-metre plus peaks of Pizzo Dosdè and Cima Viola, as well as the summits of Lago Spalmo and Saoseo. There is also a wealth of other routes that escort you into lesser-known and less accessible valleys, which are suited for those with less alpine experience. These routes unlock the opportunity for everyone to experience unspoilt nature, whether you’re the ski mountaineer who thrives on the adventure of the ascent or those who prefer to make strides into other valleys and along the trails using snow-shoes. When it comes to admiring the landscape, there’s nothing to distract you here.

Val Dosdè

How to get to Rifugio Federico Valgoi in Dosdè.

From Bormio, follow the directions for Livigno and the Passo del Foscagno by taking the Strade Statale 301 up through Valdidentro. At kilometre 15 of the pass, take a left turn into Val Viola. You’re now at Arnoga, a small hamlet at 1,850 metres.

From here, follow the narrow road into the valley and after 5 kilometres you’ll reach the Altumeira car park. Cars are not permitted to drive any further than here.

Continuing on foot, take the trail sign-posted towards Malga Dosdeè. It takes around 20 minutes to reach the Rifugio Federico Valgoi in Dosdè, which is at 2,130 metres above sea level.

Escursione in alta montagna


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